Play Online Heads-up Poker

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(Please read before starting to play)

  1. First off, this website is meant for non-mobile devices and will not work on mobile devices.
  2. This is a website where you can play online Heads-Up Texas Hold'em against whomever you would like.
  3. To start, go to Make a Table tab and create a game specifying the starting chip amount, big blind, table name, and an access code to enter the table.
  4. The table name and access code are used for you and the person you will be playing to enter that specific table, so choose them accordingly.
  5. This website uses no authentication so you will not be able to re-enter games once you have entered; meaning if you leave the game after entering it, it will no longer be usuable!
  6. This also means that anyone can access your table if they know the access code so make it unique!
  7. Once you have created the table go to Join a Table tab and select your table from the dropdown menu, pick a username, and enter the access code for that table.
  8. Assuming everything was entered correctly, this will bring you to a loading screen; which will go away once both people have joined.
  9. The UI is pretty simple; there is a bet, call, check, and fold button in which the buttons will be shown as long as that particular move is available. After each hand there is around an 8 second pause until the next hand is dealt.
  10. If you have any issues with any interface, find any bugs, have a request, or anything else you would like me to know in regards to the website; please send me a message with the Submit a Bug/Request
  11. The server that hosts the website/games costs money which I pay myself. If you like the site, please consider sending some money to pay for the costs using the Buy Me a Coffee link